Video of the International Symposium held on July 5 is now available.

Opening Remarks, Keynote Speech and Introduction

 【Opening Remarks, Keynote Speech & Introduction】

  1. 03:42 Prof. Shojiro NISHIO (President of OU )
  2. 08:27 Prof. Takao ONOYE ( Director and Vice President of OU )
  3. 11:57 Dr. Kazushi KUSE ( JST COI-NEXT Program Officer )
    【Keynote speech】24:51 Moderator: Sastia Prama Putri ( Assoc.Prof. of OU)
  4. 26:30 HE.Heri Akhmadi ( Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia to Japan and Federated State of Micronesia)
  5. 35:49 Dr. Laksana Tri Handoko ( Chairman of Indonesia National Research and Innovation Agency _BRIN )
  6. 43:25 Dr. Puji Lestari (Chairman of the Organization of Agriculture and Food _ BRIN )
  7. 56:25 Prof. Arif Satria (Rector of IPB University)
  8. 1:02:08 Prof. Drajat Martianto ( Vice rector of IPB University)
  9. 1:15:58 Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah ( Rector of ITB University)
    1:27:47 Prof. Eiichiro FUKUSAKI ( Project Leader of Food loss and waste reduction innovation hub, Chief Professor, Engineering of Biotechnology of OU)

Afternoon Session 1st

【Afternoon Session 1st 】

  1. 01:07 Moderator: Shuichi SHIMMA ( Assoc. Prof., Engineering of Biotechnology of OU)
  2. 01:53 Maya Fitriyanti (Research Faculty Member of ITB )
  3. 23:08 Kazuya KATADA ( Senior Project Manager, Shimadzu Corp.)
  4. 37:46 Hirofumi NAGAO (Senior Product Engineer, Atonarp Inc.)

Afternoon Session 2nd, Discussion and Closing Remarks

COI-NEXT by JST International Symposium at OU (Afternoon Session 2nd, Discussion & Closing Remarks) 【Afternoon Session 2nd】1. 1:29 Amadeus Driando Ahnan-Winarno ( Co-founder & CTO, Better Nature ) 2. 23:04 Prof. Tsunehiro OTSUKI ( Professor, Osaka Universi...

Afternoon Session 2nd, Discussion & Closing Remarks】

1:29 Amadeus Driando Ahnan-Winarno ( Co-founder & CTO, Better Nature )

23:04 Prof. Tsunehiro OTSUKI ( Professor, Osaka University School of International Public Policy)【Discussion】
41:21 “What do you expect universities as “educational institution” to reduce food loss? “
48:03 “What measures can be taken to encourage the active involvement of producers and distributors in reducing food loss?”
53:00 “What specifications are needed to develop an orphan crop oriented toward food loss reduction?”
57:22 ” What is needed to develop technologies oriented toward the effective use of foodstuffs past their expiration dates? “
1:01:35 “Regarding the need for consideration from Indonesian laws and regulations when conducting research and developing technologies related to food loss”
【Closing Remarks】
1:09:26 Diana Emilla Sari Sutikno ( Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Osaka )
1:19:16 Genta KAWAHARA ( Director and Vice President of OU)