Our members

Food and waste reduction innovation hubNameAffiliationTitle
Project leaderEiichiro FUKUSAKIBiotechnology Chief professor
Deputy project leaderJunko IidaShimadzu Corp.Upper seat director
Research Division MembersDepartment
1Development of rapid monitoring technology for food functionsEiichiro FUKUSAKI (Leader)BiotechnologyChief professor
Junko IidaShimadzu Corp.Upper seat director
Shuichi SHIMMABiotechnologyAssociate professor
Sastia Prama PutriBiotechnologyAssociate professor
Akira NAGAKUBOPrecision Engineering and Applied PhysicsAssistant professor
2Development of a smart data logger systemTetsuya HIROSE (Leader)Electrical, Electronic & Information Professor
Noriyuki MIURAInformation Science & Technology Professor
3Development and utilization of zero-waste recycling food materialsToshiya MURANAKA (Leader)BiotechnologyProfessor
Susumu UCHIYAMA (Industry-University Co-Creation Strategy Management Leader)BiotechnologyProfessor
Kazuhito FUJIYAMAInternational Center for Biotechnology (ICBiotech)Professor
Shinji SAKAIEngineering ScienceProfessor
4Building a sustainable socio-economic system through ethical consumptionTsunehiro OtsukiInternational public policyProfessor
Keiichiro HONDAPrefectural University of Kumamoto Associate professor
Etsuyo MICHIDAInstitute of Development Economies Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)Deputy group manager
5Developing human resources for food solutions and creating opportunities through interactive international education programsKohsuke HONDA ( Management leader of human resource development) International Center for Biotechnology (ICBiotech) Professor
Yoshinori SUMIMURACenter for Global Initiatives Associate Professor
Yumi SUGAWARALanguage & CultureProfessor
Natsuko SHIRAISHILanguage & CultureLecturer
Yumi KIMURAHuman Science Lecturer

Our support team

Katsuji EMURAOffice of Management and Planning (URA)
Yoshiko FURUYAOffice of Management and Planning (URA)
Aya UEHARAOffice of Management and Planning (URA)
MM. Malikul IkramOffice of Management and Planning (RA)
Asuka MORIOffice of Management and Planning (RA)
Haruyo YASUIOffice of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
Keiko NISHIJIMAEngineering of Biotechnology
Yumiko IMANISHIIndustrial Biotechnology Initiative Division